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One travel

Travel history (russian version only)
Useful hints (russian version only)
Eating places (russian version only)
Some fotos

Russian czech related resources New!

One view by avk (russian only)
Guide to travellers on Prague (russian only)
Child's impressions (russian only)
Karlsbad. Esse (from archive of newspaper inostranez, russian only)
Phone codes of Czech
Czech Banknotes New!
Czech coins New!
Czech crown (from archive of newspaper inostranez, russian only)
Entrance to Czech (from archive of newspaper inostranez, russian only)

Very useful information

Music schedules at Prague
Map of Czech Republic
List of all (969!!) czech hotels
Czech Travel Agency "Ave"

Travel companies New!

Krugozor. Bus travel to Czech Republic

Foreign resources

Yahoo Directories
Prague. Travel Guide

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