I was born on December 18, 1973 (saggitarus) on the Vasilevsky Island of Leningrad. My dad and mom are not originally from Leningrad. They both had graduated from boarding school number 45, and from math department of Leningrad State University. I have a brother who is 3 years younger than me.

We were living at the communal apartment until I was 15 years old. After that we got a private 3 bedroom apartment where we got two cats ( Fishka and Plushka.) Later we took another cat - Busya, and gave Plushka away because she was too insolent. Now we have a very friendly kitty Kira and it likes swimming very much.
Before we moved I attended secondary school number 331. After 8th grade I transferred transffered to a school number 30, which is a widely known advanced math school. I graduated from high school in 1990.

I studied at the math department of the university for some time, but actually was spending most of my time in the dorms.
Then, after we finally got a modem at home there was no time left for any work. By the end of 1991 I had a point address at FidoNet, and soon (January 20, 1992) have opened my own BBS. Asy's Unicorn lived only for about tree years, but had been loved and taken care of. Fido did not only took all the time, but also brought many acquaintances. This is how I actually went to Europe. I still love Paris a lot, and somehow feel it to be Piter's twin.

Now I stay at the same place because most of the things have changed and it became possible to see the world from the apartment that has an internet connection. Since the time I graduated from high school, I've been worknig at different jobs, doing various things. This info can be found in my resume.

As of now my main hobby is "Kengurushka", that takes all of my time, which I have enough of. I like perfect and absolute things of any kind. Live or on the picture, on the photo or just in a dream. I like looking at the waste ground from the balcony. I also like dry flowers in huge bouquets. I like talking to my friends that I haven't seen in a while, sitting in the kitchen.

I prefer chineese food, seafood, and also bananas and plastic hambrugers.

I hate planes, because I like looking into the window. I used to draw a while ago, and sometimes I think that it is going to come back.

Attention: if you ever decide to give me a chocolate or an orange as a present - do not do that. Unfortunately I'm allergic to those things. So just don't give my any presents, because I'll be upset to refuse it.

If you want, you can write me a letter or send a postcard by snailmail. My address is here.
My last travel to Czechia (russian only) :(

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