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  • Tour Egypt
      Win a trip to Egypt, plus monthy drawings for a T-shirt. Answer 5 trivia questions to enter, one entry per person. No country restrictions, 18 or older.
      Drawing Aug. 1st.
  • AnnOn-Line
      Win a book, various titles. You have to listen to a RealAudio clip and answer a question about it to enter. Any country, any age. Ongoing contest, deadlines unknown.
  • Phillip Jaeger QUIZ SHOW
      Monthly drawing for an original art print, or gift certificates, coffee mug, or T-shirt. Answer several site quiz questions to enter. Note: it's a "mailto:" web form, so your browser must have your E-mail address configured correctly because there's no E-mail address field on the form.
  • The Really Useful Challenge
      Monthly drawing for The JOSEPH Package (Hat, Sweatshirt and Mug). Answer some quiz questions about musicals to enter (answers on site I think)..
  • JazSoft
      Weekly drawing for a free customized screen saver for Windows.
  • Mike's Stamp Page
      Win 100 stamps from Japan and Canada (for collectors). Answer five trivia questions to enter.
  • Ersys
      Monthly drawing for various prizes, typically electronics (camera, stereo, etc.). To enter, complete the free 'notifyme.com' subscription form. 21 or older.
  • Park Place
      Monthly drawing for two standard-size pillows. Answer 2 simple questions to enter.

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