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Аудио и видео кассеты, лазерные диски...

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  • Diamond Creek Vineyards
      To receive a complimentary six-minute video presentation complete the form.
      limited time offer
  • Kirby.
      Free video "Mister, we shrunk our Mom". Just fill out form.
  • zer01 Art Radio
      Free CD of up-and-coming bands. To get it, you have to submit an interesting story or original audio clip, and also fill out a survey.
  • A Touch of Jazz
      Free Jazz demo tape, just E-mail request.
  • CD
  • SuperFriction Records
      Free "stuff", like a music demo, photos, etc.. Just E-mail.
  • Higher Ideals
      Free cassette tape "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", just fill out form.
  • New Vision
      Free audio tape on losing weight the healthy way. Request by E-mail.
  • Traffic Software
      Free CD-ROM demo of ObjectFAX software -- doesn't seem exciting, but it's from Iceland, and also includes 3 Icelandic music videos! E-mail request. They may want a company name also.

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