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  • IDI
      Daily drawing for a resort vacation (Transportation is not included). Fill out entry form, daily entry per sponsoring web site. 18 or older.
  • Tyler-Adam Corp.
      Win a TAC Heart Pendant with three diamonds. You need to guess how many hits will be displayed at the bottom of their home page, answer by E-mail. Limit 3 entries per E-mail address.
      Ends March 16th.
  • NetCentral, Inc.
      Win an Amy Grant CD library (17 CDs!) or other prizes. Simply subscribe to Friends of Amy email list (it's free).
      Ends March 31st.
  • Net:X
      Win a DC20 Kodak Digital Camera Daily entry, you need to register on their site (free).
      Ends March 16th.
  • Net:X
      Win a DC20 Kodak Digital Camera Daily entry, you need to register on their site (free). Any countrty,any age.
      Ends March 16th.
  • Compucom Contest
      Win software (one drawing per 1000 entries). Fill out easy form to enter.
  • Buying A Mac's Contest
      Win 8 MB of memory, MacSense Best of '96 CD, and a $100 gift certificate. Fill out short form to enter.
  • The Gem Garden
      Monthly drawing for free gift (various jewelry). Enter by E-mail, one entry per month.
  • TravelSpots
      Win a digital camera. Register with TravelSpots to enter (it's free), daily entry
  • TIC of Hawaii
      Monthly drawing for 5 days/4 nights in paradise, stay in one of the premier Hawaii destination resorts of your choice, transportation is not included. Fill out easy entry form, one entry per household.
  • Video Net
      Monthly drawing for a BAMBI movie. Fill out short form to enter.
  • Dessert First
      Monthly drawing for a great prizes. Fill out short form to enter.
  • Keynote Music
      Monthly drawing for a piano book. Fill out short form to enter.
  • Michael Britton
      Monthly drawing for a solo album, Road Comes Calling. Just fill out simple form to enter.
      Monthly drawing for an essentials package (nutrition, vitamins and skin care products). Fill out short entry form to enter..
  • Oregon Cupboard
      Monthly drawing for 2 lb. of Oregon "Raspbery" Specialty Honey. Just fill out easy entry form.
  • Bike Pedalers
      Win a bike helmet, find a picture on the site to enter. Ends June 6th.
  • UAV Entertainment
      Monthly drawing for $100.00 worth of videos, cassettes, and/or CDs. Enter by E-mail, one entry per person..
  • Jimmer's Page
      Win an "Ammonia" CD, enter daily by E-mail or form. Ends March 31, 1997.
  • The "Double Eagle" On-Line Golf Magazine
      Monthly (or so?) drawing for Golfing equipment, simple entry form.
  • EGW Publishing Co.
      Monthly drawing for T-shirt. Fill out short form.
  • Obsidian Graphics
      Monthly drawing for a Pen & Ink drawing, simple entry.
  • BioNet4
      Monthly drawing for a bottle of Vitamin C or a Web page. Simple form.
  • Sue~Tone Graphics
      Bi-weekly drawing for a sun catcher (a miniature stained-glass design to hang in your window, or as a magnet). Just sign guestbook to enter.
  • Tacky-Tackle
      Monthly drawing for a fishing excuse jar and coffee mug. Enter by E-mail.
  • Bonsai Boy of New York
      Monthly drawing for a Bonsai Tree. Fill out guest book/survey to enter.
  • Supermarket Shopping Network
      Monthly drawing for a choice of books. Fill out a long survey to enter. Ends June 30th.
  • Acies Sunglasses
      Weekly drawing for a pair of Acies sunglasses. Fill out simple entry form.
  • Park Place
      Monthly drawing for two standard-size pillows. Answer 2 simple questions to enter.

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